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“Friendly technology means being on the people’s side. It is proof that innovation and emotion can go hand in hand. We can rely on friendly technology, we can trust it.” For over 120 years, thanks to the reliability and quality of its products, generations of families have trusted Thomson to make day-to-day life easier, in the home and beyond. With this brand signature, Thomson is emphasising the values that have made it a success: Trust, Sharing, Innovation, Simplicity, Style. This is how the brand offers reliable products and useful innovation to the masses, so that everyone can benefit from the joys of technology, through one of the widest ranges of technological products around: Televisions, Audiovisual, Phones, IT, Connected Products, Home, Appliances, Health and Well-being.


To build relationships with our customers based on trust, we believe in positive technology that brings people together. This is why Thomson is associated with quality, simple, innovative, stylish products that create moments to share and enjoy.


If you wanted to buy a new TV recently, you have heard about Ultra High Definition (UHD) or 4K technology. When UHD was launched a few years ago, multiplying by four (UHD = 3840 x 2160 pixels) the resolution of high definition images (HD = 1920 x 1080 pixels), which is already a lot, was a significant advancement.


With a rich heritage stretching back for more than 120 years, Thomson brand has been part of the world’s greatest technological revolutions with an unwavering dedication to making innovation accessible to all. At home and beyond, our innovations are intrinsic to everyday life. We contribute to the special moments you share with your friends and family. Thomson brand offers a vast range of electrical product spanning from Television, Audio Video, Telephony, Information Technology, Connected Devices, Home, Small and large Appliances and Healthcare & Well-being.

Thomson 32 B9 Pro Brilliant Very good picture sound quality...value for Money awesome......TV Khandu Bhise Certified Buyer
Thomson 32 B9 Pro Most of us look at value for money products but not at the cost of quality. Thomson TVs offers both as a wholesome package Lakshmi Rajan Tech Tamizha & TechRaman
Thomson 40 B9 Pro Fabulous! With in price range, this is the best SATYANARAYANA CHINNI Certified Buyer
Thomson 40 B9 Pro Awesome First the quality is worth nd the All mentioned features works great.. Delivery & installation is done within the nextday of my order. Sure to buy it and U will enjoy it like me!! Murali Dharan Certified Buyer
Thomson New Series Thomson's latest lineup of smart TVs bring the goodness of 4K resolution with large screens to offer an immersive viewing experience, while being priced affordably. Nikhil Chawla
Thomson 40 B9 Pro Fabulous! With in price range, this is the best SATYANARAYANA CHINNI Certified Buyer