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Thomson Television India - About Us


We are on people ' s side. For us, innovation and emotion go hand in hand.
We rely on friendly technology that everyone can trust, so much so, that we can be easily called the best TV in India. For over 120 years, thanks to the reliability and quality of our products, generations of families have trusted Thomson.
We make day-to-day life easier, in homes and beyond and this enables us to bring for people, the best smart TV in India. The four pillars that make us the best in class are: Trust, Sharing, Innovation, Simplicity, Style.


We believe in positive technology that brings people together. We ensure that all our products come with quality, simplicity,innovation and style.


To build trust with our customers, we believe in positive technology that brings people together. This is why Thomson smart LED TVs are associated with quality, simplicity, innovation and style that create moments to share and enjoy, everyday.


Thanks to its products’ reliability, generations of families have trusted Thomson amongst the best Smart TVs available in the market.


Thomson offers best LED TVs in India. There are always moments to share and in our world, everyone can find something for themselves.


Thomson has always placed innovation at the heart of its business. A kind of innovation that sees design as a key to user-friendliness and enables us to create low priced LED TVs, that are great value for money.


Thomson products are relevant, useful and easy to use. Unlike most cheap LED TVs, we’re a fully loaded smart entertainment device.


For us, design has always been paramount. And we create our range such that it fits in to your lifestyle, seamlessly.