Where is the serial number located on my product?

The serial number is located on the back of the TV and is in the form of a code; for example Z1201000000.

On certain connected TVs, the serial number can also be found in the TV’s menu..

What warranty is provided for Thomson products?

The TV products distributed directly by SPPL are subject to a 1-year on-site manufacturer’s warranty.

Where can I purchase a new Thomson remote control?

You can purchase an original remote control directly from Thomson.

What is the password for resetting a TV locked in parent mode?

Remarks about the password for the Parental Control Locking function.
The default password is 1234. The user can change it.

Can home theatre connect to this tv ?

Yes home theater connectivity available.

Does the TV have any pre-loaded Apps?

The TV has pre-loaded apps like Netflix,Twitter,Gmail and Youtube

Can I display my mobile screen into the TV?

You can connect your mobile through Mira-Cast

Is Wall Mount provided with the TV ?

Yes, Wall Mount is provided with the TV.

This tv is IPS display ?

This is not an IPS LCD panel but the panel is still great because it is made by Samsung.
there's no denying the fact that Samsung makes one of the best panels in the market.

Does it have inbuilt bluetooth ?


What is the operating system in the TV?

Operating system of TV is 5.1.1 version

Why HDMI ports are required?

HDMI ports are required to connect cable box or Blu-ray player or a video game console or a streaming gadget,
or a smartphone/tablet. You can decide the number of inputs required as per your usage.



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